A Mid-Winter’s Dream Hand-fasting on the High Peaks

As a natural born love junkie and theatre performer, I love nothing more than when couples ask me to design a ceremony that is bold, beautiful and completely out-of-the-box. Having had my own woodland wedding in Wales in 2017 I know how special it is to be able to have exactly the wedding you want, the way you want it, with all the fantasy rules applied!


Rin and Phil did just this, and pretty much broke the mold with their personalised hand-fasting in the High Peaks last November. With the help of Phil’s colleagues at Visual Architects they totally transformed a plain wooden barn into a pagan paradise fit for a Viking feast!

Stefanie Fetterman Alternative Weddings Humanist Ceremonies Paul Walker Photography Rin and Phil (5)It took them nearly an entire week to dress the space from top to bottom, and the result was a gorgeous indoor garden complete with rustic furniture, dinosaur cake toppers, a medieval style wedding arch bedecked with sheep skulls stuffed with flowers, and some of the most stunning outfits I have ever, in my 3yrs as a celebrant, seen!

Rin (super-Bride and mother of two) somehow found time to cook all the vegan food herself, which was an absolute treat and completely fooled the die-hard carnivores amongst her guests.

Having worked between us on the ceremony for months before the big day, the script itself told the unusual story of Rin and Phil’s inevitable evolution as a couple, first as friends, lovers and then parents. Theirs is an unshakeable bond that has spanned nearly two decades and seen them embark on many raucous adventures together.

Stefanie Fetterman Alternative Weddings Humanist Ceremonies Paul Walker Photography Rin and Phil (9)Rin and Phil didn’t want to go down the schmaltzy, slushy route with their ceremony and instead wanted it to reflect the people they are – two utterly besotted vagabonds who dance to their own tune and refuse to ever change.

In an unusual twist of fate, they requested that I wore the headdress I had made for my own wedding (which I was more than happy to do!) and Rin donned a beautiful horned and feathery crown of her own, making her look like a radiant Valkyrie Queen!  This was without a doubt one of the most beautiful and colourful weddings I have ever had the pleasure of attending, and as you can see from the pictures, Rin and Phil couldn’t have been prouder to tie the knot, their way, in front of all the people they love.


Venue :: The Holiday Barn – High Peaks

Photography :: Paul Walker Photography

Decor :: Visual Architects

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    Celebrant Stef’s last humanist ceremony of 2019, a dream come true in the High Peaks!


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