Our last wedding of 2019 – An Indoor Festival of Love!

Alternative Weddings Manchester

We count our lucky stars every day to be approached by couples who are bold enough to do things their own way. Gone are the days when weddings were boring and predictable and with Delia and Phil, a couple who chose to get married at HMT last Nov, nothing was too magnificent or impossible.

When they told me that Delia’s background was in theatre, and that she wanted to include live roaming musicians, an aerial performer and a top-secret, but highly intriguing bridesmaid speech/song, I knew our last wedding of 2019 was going to be a lively one.

From the word go, Delia made it clear that she was a natural-born crafter and designer, and would be spending months leading up to the wedding making all kinds of beautiful things to decorate Manchester’s best-loved urban wedding venue – Hope Mill Theatre. When it came to the set-up day, we…

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