About Me

If you’re thinking of contacting me you probably want to know a little more about me personally (or, what a humanist ceremony actually is – this link should help).

I’m originally from the Yorkshire Dales but now live in Manchester, that industrial oasis of hard-work, urban charm and Northern grit! We celebrate love in Manchester, love in all it’s shapes and forms and we love community and creativity. I couldn’t be prouder of the place I call home!

Stefanie Fetterman Humanist Ceremonies

I became a BHA accredited celebrant in June 2017 after running my own Alternative Weddings company for just over two years and have done over 30 weddings since in Manchester, Sheffield and the Yorkshire Dales. I love planning weddings, making decor for weddings, conducting weddings and blogging about weddings. To put it bluntly, I’m a self-confessed love junkie.


Before I was bitten by the love-bug I was a dancer, stage performer and theatre director and toured the world with various collectives of musicians and merrymakers. It’s actually difficult to find a photo of me from my 20’s where I’m not covered in body paint or in some kind of costume. I’ve been a stilting walking mammoth on the plains of Australia, to a tribal shaman in the stage shows of Hawkwind. Aliens, warlocks, Goddess’s, felines, you name it, I’ve been them all. Life has never been dull and I count my blessings every day.


In my 30’s I moved into event management and without meaning to, wedding planning! This combined perfectly my ability to create atmospheres, stage dramatic moments, make props, write scripts and some very, very thorough timelines. I am also a writer of fiction and I’m told my love of story-telling is what really shines through in my ceremony scripts. I had my very own humanist wedding ceremony in Sept ’17 in an eco-village in Wales. It was truly magical and I couldn’t be prouder that we did things ‘our way!’

So now I am honored to call myself part of the Humanists UK and my latest mission is to help couples create their perfect days, not just behind the scenes but in the words they use, the places they choose and the statements they are making to each other and the world.

I’d love it if you got in touch, please email stefanie.fetterman@mail.com or altweddingsmcr@mail.com more information.