A ‘Love Parade’ in our Bride and Groom’s Very Own Garden!

Alternative Weddings Manchester

The summer of 2019 might as well of been called the second summer of love as it was our biggest (and most rewarding) wedding season yet. In early Feb we were contacted by a Bride who had big ideas for her July wedding, but having just had her second baby, and nothing firmly in place yet, realised so had very little time to plan! This was of course where we came on board and when all the fun began.

Before giving birth to Roselee and Jasper, Nikki ran a Yoga centre and has always been true to her spiritual roots. She’s a holistic healer and saw her own wedding as the perfect opportunity to magnify the love, light and laughter she transmits in everything she does. She wanted magic, creativity and most importantly laughter to run through her wedding day with the theme being: “Coming Home to Love.”

Nikki and…

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