Sunflowers & Donkey’s on a very special day for Rory and Lee

Rory and Lee were a couple of rum buggars from the start because these two literally ooze mischief and are always cracking jokes at each others expense. Although they currently live in Dubai, they came back to the UK to officially tie the knot, and their wedding was never going to be anything other than a right royal knees up!

Unsurprisingly, their venue of choice was just as quirky as they are, and they decided to get married at The Well Being Farm in Bolton on a (not quite so) sunny Bank Holiday last August. The lack of rays did nothing to sway the festivities, as the team there simply moved the ceremony into a converted barn that was cosy, colourful and completely unique.

Helping Rory and Lee plan their humanist ceremony was an absolute joy as these two easy-going lovebirds had tonnes of stories to tell and helped me shape the story of their journey together into a script. Their romance was one that took some time to fully blossom, but when it did, boy did those fireworks go off!

The highlight of their wedding (and something that I’ve never done at any of my ceremonies before!) was the fact that they didn’t just write their own original vows, but wrote each other’s – which neither read until the day of their wedding. A bold move indeed, but one that certainly paid off!

Moments such as Bride Lee being made to swear, in front of all their friends, family and wedding witnesses, that Rory would be allowed to play as many video games as he likes for the rest of his life, was particularly hilarious. Stories about their epic airborne engagement and mystery shots right at the end of the ceremony were just the cherry on top of the cake.


The Llamas and donkeys, alas, didn’t feature in their ceremony, but they did make their way into the official wedding pictures and have been immortalised forever in Rory and Lee’s wedding album wearing their natty little hats. Between that and Rory’s most excellent handlebar mustache, this was a wedding that couldn’t have had more street cred.


As well as being husband and wife, Rory and Lee are the best of friends, and as you can see from all their pictures, crammed laughter into every moment of their wedding. Rory’s mum wrote a special poem – an ode to her son and his new bride – and sunflowers were literally everywhere, making it the brightest most rustic summer wedding we’ve ever done.

Congratulations you crazy pair, may the world be your oyster and all the adventures be yours for the taking!


Photo credits to the lovely Shot By Amy an extremely talented  and hard-working photographer with a vibrant and creative artistic eye – we urge you to check out her online portfolio!


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