A Humanist Wedding on Cloud 23 at the Hilton Hotel for Simon and Emma

Quite often, celebrant Stef helps couples plan their big days long distance and with Simon and Emma (an Aussie and a Brit who met and currently live in Dubai) she was presented with quite the trans-global challenge!

They were having a few complications when it came to choosing which country they would like get married in, due to a mixture of variables including Visa’s and the fact that people were travelling from literally all the corners of the globe to be there!


Their first choice of getting married in Dubia just wasn’t an option, but as always love finds a way. These two decided to have a humanist ceremony with their friends and family in the scenic surroundings of Cloud 23 at the top of the Hilton Hotel – Manchester, and then another legally binding (but much more intimate) ceremony in the Seychelles. They literally had the best of both worlds, a big celebration with the people they love most in the world and a private, picture perfect moment to themselves.

After her initial contact Emma combined a trip back home to see her family with a meeting with Stef to talk through the logistics and give her all the information she needed. They spent a happy couple of hours chatting away in Chapter One Books in Manchester City Centre before Stef went away and started writing the ceremony script. Unusually, Stef wasn’t able to meet with Simon before the big day and so worked with him long distance, getting to know everything she needed via email. It wasn’t actually until the day of the wedding that Stef and Simon met face to face!

Everything went perfectly and Emma looked stunning, she was literally beaming from ear to ear all through the ceremony whilst the Groom and Bride’s brother even shed a few happy tears.

It was a day full of love and emotion that no-one will ever forget and Stef couldn’t have been happier to have been involved.

Emma and Simon, here’s to your bright and happy future!


Here’s what Emma had to say after working with Stef,

After deciding to opt for a celebrant rather than a registrar I reached out to Stefanie. I explained our rather complex situation and from the start she was interested to hear our story. After meeting with her, I felt so comfortable and happy to have chosen her to be our celebrant for our special day. Stefanie was attentive and showed a genuine desire to make our wedding ceremony so beautiful. When I first received the script I couldn’t believe the amount of detail and passion that had gone into it. Stefanie’s delivery on the day was perfect and faultless. So many of our guests commented on how it was the most beautiful, personal ceremony they had ever been to. Working with Stefanie has been an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend her to any couple looking for that intimate and personal wedding.”

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