A Colourful Humanist Wedding in Sheffield for Becky and Simon!

September is, in all honesty, my favourite time of the year, because although I’m still busy with humanist ceremonies and wedding planning right up until Dec, this is usually the month when all the pictures from all my Spring / Summer weddings start flooding in.

I was so happy when Becky and Simon sent me this little sneak peek of their official snaps because I think they really capture the beautiful vibe of their whole day. Colourful, cute and full of smooches and giggling!


When Simon and Becky first came to me they told me they wanted something fun, unforgettable and most of all “triumphant” – that was the word that really stuck with me.

I could see from the get-go just how much they buzzed off each other , how excited they were when they were together and how lucky both of them felt to have found such a solid and real love. I really got a strong sense, when they told me that their biggest strength was that they were a team, that these two really meant it – I mean really really meant it. They go running together, gaming together and are basically each other’s cheerleaders in life. It made my job really easy!

I made sure that their wedding reflected this mood above all else, amplifying the sheer exuberant joy of firstly, finding yourself a new best friend and then secondly, feeling like you’ve lucked out because now you get to marry them.



Becky and Simon chose the The Hide in Sheffield as their wedding venue, an urban events space that couldn’t have been more perfect for their quirky alternative wedding. The staff there were incredibly helpful and all over it from the get-go and I was welcomed by them with open arms as soon as I stepped foot inside the door.

Becky didn’t walk down the aisle with her Dad, she’d already done that an hr before in their lower key registry office wedding, instead her and Simon strode in together, hand in hand, to “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire and got a mammoth standing ovation from all their friends and family.

Their ceremony told their story in a script that we had worked closely on for the previous six months and included readings from two of their favourite authors Neil Gaiman and Ian M. Banks. As an addition to their vows, after exchanging rings, they had a celtic fasting blessed by both their Mum’s and Dad’s. It was am absolute joy from start to finish.


Becky and Simon, I genuinely wish we could do it all over again, but alas it cannot be. So in the immortal words of The Eels, who wrote the lyrics to your walk out song “Mr E’s Beautiful Blues” – Goddam right, it was a beautiful day.

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Photography by Kindred Photography

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