Gemma & Carl’s Bonkers Wedding Bonanza – Our First Alternative Wedding at The Horse and Bamboo Puppet Theatre in Rossendale!

Alternative Weddings Manchester

Last July we were thrilled to be part of Gemma and Carl’s big day at The Horse and Bamboo theatre in Rossendale. This wedding was special for a number of reasons, firstly, it was the first time we’d ever worked in this amazing space, full of puppets and hand-crafted props that have been touring the globe since 1978 (sometimes from the back of a horse drawn cart just like the travelling actors of old) and secondly, because it was full of creative, bonkers and incredibly lovely people. A perfect match!

Both Gemma and Carl are musicians, which meant they had lots of music makers in their merry band of friends. Groom Carl is a part of Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, a roaming band who you might of seen playing New Orleans influenced 90’s dance hits on the streets of your town whilst dressed like Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club…

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