Magic in the Woodland for an alternative Equinox Wedding

Alternative Weddings Manchester

We love alternative weddings and we know better than anybody that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Our founder Stefanie and her husband Loren’s Equinox Wedding at Cae Mabon in Wales was always going to be out of this world and totally broke the mold!

As some of you may know, this was actually their second wedding, which sounds a bit OTT but let us explain…

This wedding, designed to be more like a mini-festival with guests arriving on the Fri and staying til Sun, was the wedding they’d always planned. In 2016 Stefanie’s grandfather fell ill and so to make sure he could be there they arranged a “speed” wedding, visiting a registry office and having a small meal with only their immediate family. They ticked the legal box, had an amazing (and emotional) time with their nearest and dearest but unfortunately, due to late…

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