Back to my Beginnings – A Spring Ceremony at Victoria Warehouse

It barely seems as if any time has passed since I performed my first ceremony on St. Patrick’s day at Victoria Warehouse, but would you believe it was actually half a decade ago?! Time has a funny way of circling back around on itself sometimes and in 2022 my first wedding of the year (and first after lockdown officially lifted and we could have full numbers again) was at Victoria Warehouse on the 26th March for a lovely couple of chaps called Karl and Matt.

This wedding was special for many reasons, the least of all being that it had been delayed by a year like most weddings at the time, but the most important being that it fell on a date that was the Groom’s anniversary of a very serious past diagnosis and they specifically wanted to reclaim that date as an affirmation of life and celebration of everything they’d been through. There was joy, there was laughter and there were genuinely uncontrollable tears (even a couple from me!) It was such a huge emotional landmark for all of us, but especially our Groom as they had waited incredibly patiently, even delaying their decision to begin the adoption process because they wanted to put themselves and their commitment to each other first.

When the big day came around I’m sure you can imagine just how much love and excitement filled the bays of Manchester’s most atmospheric and industrial wedding venue – it was palpable and every single guest was so so grateful to finally be able to gather and celebrate the love between two of their favourite people.

Victoria Warehouse is a wedding venue with very little natural light which appeals to some and not to others. This means that even in the middle of the day couples can go to town with gorgeous lighting and glass vases filled with chunky church candles that really do make things look utterly magical. I must say, I’ve seen this room set for weddings a few times by my good friends on the VW team, but this was by far the most beautiful.

Karl and Matt went with Manchester’s most flamboyant and creative florist Frog, who as always did a stunning job of transforming a dark and otherwise quite plain room into a tropical paradise. They also had a special backdrop made which said; “Love Him But Leave Him Wild’, which went perfectly with the light indoor jungle theme, and the whole place positively glowed with warm, flickering candlelight.

During the ceremony we did have quite a few stage invaders in the form of Karl and Matt’s very adorable (and very hyper) munchkin niece and nephews, but this is something that being a Mum myself I had no problem with, even when one little girl decided she might like to start swinging off the canvas backdrop! Luckily it held up and my parent training kicked in and I discovered I’ve developed a super skill of being able to switch off from even the most chaotic of distractions and keep my eyes on my script! I’m proud to say that as those little people ran rings around the Grooms and myself I barely skipped a beat whilst delivery of the ceremony. For that, I am most proud!

Karl and Matt were in floods of happy tears throughout as you can see and I couldn’t have been more grateful to be involved in such a momentous day in their lives.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for choosing me and I know that you two are going to have many more fantastic years ahead x

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