After a long Maternity Hiatus – I’m Back!

Holy Tamoly! What a crazy ride the past two years has been!

Aside from the world-pausing fandango that every single one of us is all too aware of (and sick of talking about) I had a baby – a 7lbs 3oz bundle of gorgeousness whose has changed my life for the better. Quite a few people commented on what a terrible time it was to have a baby, and don’t get me wrong, there were certainly challenges and let downs – such as my husband not being allowed to come for any of the pre-natal scans, or being allowed with me into the hospital until we were almost ready to go – but there were lots and lots of positives. Before my boy arrived, I had a jam-packed summer of weddings planned, which (due to the pandemic) slowly disappeared one by one. It was going to be a tough one, waddling my way to the finish line, but I was determined to do it. Fate it seemed had other plans. When it all became apparent that I would not be able to conduct any weddings that year, it was mildly terrifying at first. I’ve worked very hard to establish my business and it all seemed to be disappearing faster than you could say “I do.” But in the end, it was the most perfect situation I could have hoped for, because all I did from March – Oct 2020 was eat, nap, nest and go for long rambling walks in the woods.

I wound down, riiiight down, so that when Gabriel Conan arrived (or Baby Gabe, or the Angel Baberiel, or Conan the Babe-arian – take your pick!) I was in a pretty chilled state, and it also meant that for the first few months of his life all we could do was….(you guessed it)….nap, eat and walk in the woods! It was a beautiful time, a golden time and it felt as if we were bubbled up in our own sleepy baby cocoon, an experience I will never forget and always be grateful for.

It has, however, meant that I’ve found it extremely difficult to wind back up, and have only recently put my business head back on. It’s not that I haven’t been doing ceremonies, my first one back was actually last June when I received special permission from the Scottish government to legally marry my best friend Marie to her lovely husband Chris, but I’ve mostly been honouring bookings that were made pre-lockdown and had to be shuffled back.

Now normal service has resumed and I’m 8 weddings deep into the 2022 season with another 9 to go, and I’m absolutely loving being back in the saddle. So this is just a little blog to get me back into the swing of things and explain why there’s such a sizeable gap in my portfolio, oh and to show off this (not so) little critter at his very messy first birthday party last year!


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