Stefanie Fetterman Ceremonies

Welcome to my site, you must have found your way here because you’ve heard about my ceremonies already or, you’re looking to create a personalised wedding day that is unique, bespoke and 100% YOU!


I’m here to make that happen because I truly believe that your happiness is the most important thing on your big day. So throw out the rule book, decide what you want and let’s make your wedding unforgettable!

Feel free to have a look around my site to get a feel if I’m the right fit for you. I have been a Humanist UK Celebrant since May 2017 and planning weddings behind the scenes since Christmas 2015.



You might also want to look at my other company Alternative Weddings MCR to see weddings I have planned behind-the-scenes.



Any questions? I’d love it if you got in touch, please email for more information.